Jesper Jobse was one of the first Dutch players that started to play 3X3 basketball at the highest level, and is now part of a team that belongs to the top of the World. There are only two years left until the Olympics, and its key to remain at this high level and keep improving their game. Therefore, Jobse decided to co-organize the Netherlands’ newest professional 3X3 league: the 3X3 Pro League.

Why did you start to play 3×3 basketball?

“That’s a funny story! I remember that I had a bad season in the DBL. I lost the fun in playing basketball a bit that year and I was a little dissatisfied. Then, I read an ad that the Dutch Basketball Association was looking for players for the World Cup 3×3 in Moscow. This was in May 2014. I remember that I was doubting whether I would go to the try-outs or not. But, because I lived in Amsterdam, I got my bike and went to the practice. Three weeks later, I played in a World Cup for the first time!”

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